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  • Hello,
    I was user(programmer) of qt framework for some time, now I am trying to start as contributor but I am facing some problems to start, the first is a problem on trying to download, a little error, this is great for me to start with the most very simple patch in the world, however I can not do it, I like to have your feed-back to learn the correct way.
    thanks in advance:

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    Hi @Alvaro-Denis

    It looks like something in your git/gerrit setup went wrong.
    Your gerrit account looks correct, as you can push into gerrit, but the message is definitely wrong.

    These two pages explain how to set everything up correctly:

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From what I gather, the patch itself is a good start.

    Two things are asked, one on the fixing side and one to improve the patch itself.

    On the fixing side, update the commit message as suggested by Konstantin and the sanity bot.

    On the improvement side, Konstantin is asking you to add the other missing .git extension.

    So all in all, everything is going fine.

    What problem do you have exactly ?

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    Also, once you did the modifications requested, just amend the commit you did already and push it again.

  • @SGaist Hi,
    I can ignore "add the other missing .git extension"? it was done by @Oswald Buddenhagen in other patch:;a=commit;h=271d253bd921a771cb59c24cce9d74b83dd1beac

    If I do an amend to my commit it will change the uid, it is not problem for the Oswald commit because it is based on a previous commit id, not from the mine, but changing the commit id no will to break the gerrit url or its safety will be granted by the "Change-Id", it is the purpose of this?

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    The commit id has no influence here, it's the Change-Id that is important to keep. It's that that gerrit uses in order to handle multiple versions of the same submission.

    As for you, in the current case, you don't need to do anything more. Oswald has improved your patch following the comments of Konstantin and it's now ready to be integrated.

    It's again a special case since it touches a pretty low-level part of the git handling of the Qt modules hence it's Liang that is asked to start the integration.

    In the common case, you would simply push your new version of the patch, wait for the second round of review and so on until you get a +2 and then you'd click on the "Merge Patch Set X to Staging" button.

    Thanks for your contribution ! :)

  • Hi @tekojo How I can label this thread as solved?

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    Use the "Topic Tools" button, you have there an entry "Mark as Solved" :)

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