qDebug() has stopped working - seriously

  • I was experimenting with qDebug().noquote() and QTextStream(stdout) to print a QByteArray's content, and after undoing my code back to the initial simple qDebug() statements, which worked before, I no longer get any output at all. It's like something changed in the behavior of qDebug. I restarted qt creator, made another project, but with no help. Does this make any sense ?
    Providing code doesn't help, but what I'm trying to say is:

    1. simple qDebug() code is working, I get expected output
    2. I edit it to experiment with .noquote and also with qtextstream
    3. I un-do (ctrl z) the code back to state #1 and now don't get any output.

    The initial QByteArray didn't change, printing it with QTextStream still works fine.

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    A minimal code sample would still be useful to try to reproduce your problem.

    You should also add the Qt version and platform you are running on.

  • Hi SGaist, and thanks for helping out again :)

    This is the initial code, I was trying to see what output I get from different methods.

    QByteArray x=reply->readAll();

    It was working fine, the first line had the nicest output because it actually displayed newlines and tabs instead of '/n' or '/x9 ' . But I didn't like the idea of converting to std::string so I tried something with qDebug().noquote(). As far as I remember, this is how the code next looked:

    QByteArray x=reply->readAll();

    I didn't get the expected output, so I googled a bit and did something like:

    QByteArray x=reply->readAll();
    QTextStream out(stdout);

    The output was looking nice, with actual newlines and tabs. Next I ctrl-z-ed back to the initial code, compiled, and got nothing, without changing anything in the code.

    I'm using Qt_5_8_0_MSVC2015_64bit on Win 7.

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    Nothing or empty ?

    You should add a minimal amount of text before your send your x variable to the debug output. You might be getting an empty reply for some reason.

  • Doing qDebug()<<"something"<<x; doesn't print anything. qDebug()<<"anything"; qDebug()<<"something"<<x; only prints "anything".
    The network reply is not empty, I can print it successfully with QTextStream, or write it to a file with QFile::write().

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    Which version of Qt Creator ?

    By the way 4.2.2 is out.

  • Have you tried QString instead of standard string?

  • @SGaist It's Qt Creator 4.2.1
    @Asimov I'm not sure what you mean.

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    Then you should update to 4.2.2

  • @cpper
    Sorry it took so long to get back, been busy.
    I was thinking something like this.
    Of course I didn't have your function to try this with, but thought this might work.
    I am converting a QByteArray to a QString and then displaying it.

    It probably won't help, but might be worth a try (I might not be understanding everything in your code though).

    QByteArray qString("A Qbyte String");
    QString myString(qString);
    qDebug()<<"Your string is" << myString;

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