import libs finger

  • I have a problem debugging my project, I don't know if my settings is okay for DigitalPersona SDK (U.are.U 4000) and Qt c++ x86-msvc2015-5.8.0 but the problem is in .h files from dir: Include/ (...\digitalfinger\Include\dpFtrEx.h:83: error: C4430: falta el especificador de tipo; se presupone int. Nota: C++ no admite default-int)

    win32:LIBS += ../Lib/win32/DPFPApi.lib
    win32:LIBS += ../Lib/win32/DPFpUI.lib
    win32:LIBS += ../Lib/win32/dpHFtrEx.lib
    win32:LIBS += ../Lib/win32/dpHMatch.lib
    INCLUDEPATH = ../Include/

    and my dir
    -- cpp and h files

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    Those DPFPApi.lib/DLL files. Those did you produce your self with the vs 2015 compiler or did it come with the SDK?
    if they came pre-compiled, are they for vs 2015 compiler?

    what does the actual line (with error ...\digitalfinger\Include\dpFtrEx.h:83) contains?
    Seems/sounds like something it dont like in .h file and not so much with LIB/dlls

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  • @mrjj
    DPFPApi.lib comes with SDK
    that files contain method for Extraction and Initiation to display the fingerprint image, and also comes with SDK

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    well it seems not to be undefined ( link error) so it must be something else

    Can you show the code line that it do not like?

  • @mrjj
    I solved it.
    I just had to include and sort a header --dpRCodes.h , but anyways Thank you for answering me.

    #include "dpRCodes.h"
    #include "dpDefs.h"
    #include "DPDevClt.h"
    #include "dpFtrEx.h"
    #include "dpMatch.h"
    #include "DPDevClt.h"

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