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Can this table be implemented with Qt ?

  • Hello,

    I am trying to implement the following table, but I have quite difficulties with it.
    alt textalt text

    It is actually for embedded device, so the table should be quite fixed size.
    I have first thought of just creating this is QLabel, and use QString for writing each cells (which is composed of 4 cell-like parameters ).
    But since some of the cell has 2 arguments (in the figure it is val3/val2) it made me got stuck.
    There is also the dash line which I am not sure how to handle.

    Thanks for your advise,

  • Since that looks a lot like a table I'd say QTableView (TableView in QML)+QStandardItemModel+custom QStyledItemDelegate (component as delegate: value in QML) (for Val3/Val2 thing) .

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