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QPA 5.8 evdevtouch error

  • Hi!

    Sorry for my bad english, i am newbie in qt. I developing a qt embedded app with linuxfb and spi touchscreen. The touchscreen works in evtest, but not in my app. If i switch on the QT_QPA_EVDEV_DEBUG variable, it is the output:

    evdevtouch: Using device /dev/input/event1
    evdevtouch: Protocol type B (mtdev) (multi)
    evdevtouch: min X: 0 max X: 0
    evdevtouch: min Y: 0 max Y: 0
    evdevtouch: min pressure: 0 max pressure: 65535
    evdevtouch: device name: ADS7846 Touchscreen.

    The max values is the interesting parts, all of them are zero, in the evtest they are 4065.

    It is a bug? Any ideas?


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    @Kutyus That could be a bug. It's more likely an issue with the driver on your device though. Do you have a way to test the touch screen with another application to see if it is working properly on the device?

  • Thank you for answer, i tested it by another app, it was the evtest, whit it working correctly.

    Sorry, i have a mistake, the qt version is 5.3, not 5.8.

  • I compiled the Qt 5.8.0, and it is solved the problem, the touch pad is working fine.

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    @Kutyus Oh good, that means it was a bug, and that it has been fixed.

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