Drawing chess board and handling click event

  • I want to draw chess board and handle click event in qt5.
    But I have no idea how to do.
    I'm very beginner of Qt5.
    Please give me outline.

  • @wabisuke2718
    I don't know exactly what you want, but maybe the links can be a start point.

    to draw chess board
    QLabel ( you can set an image on label ) or
    Graphics View Framework ( you can handle a lot of grahic items ) or
    paintEvent, QPainter ( if you want to draw something manually )

    to handle click event

    maybe others have some good suggestion

  • Thank you for answering.
    It seems to be OK.

  • If you're new to Qt and want to dig into game development, you can also have a look at V-Play Engine.

    V-Play offers many QML components that make creating games easier, e.g. for providing the same user experience across different devices, using sprite animations, handling physics / collision detection, adding leaderboards and much more.

    V-Play comes with many open-source game examples you can use as reference and also provides some good tutorials to quickly learn the basic concepts. For example there's a tutorial on how to create a 2048 game, which also uses a game-grid.


  • Thank you for advice.
    I'll search it.

  • @GTDev

    I want to download V-Play,but failed. It always showing "network error ..." as picture below...


    is there something wrong with the network? Looking for help...thank you

  • @solarspring
    Does the installer download on the website itself not work, or are you having network troubles after starting the installation process with the downloaded installer?

  • @GTDev
    Maybe...Actually,I want someone to try to download it to make sure the V-Play website downloading service is available.I will try it later...thank you!

  • @GTDev
    I can download it now! The problem has been solved! The download service is not available when I try to download it the first time...

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