Help with treeWidget. How to connect each children with another object?

  • Hello to everyone,

    This is my first message in this forum. I am very new in Qt and I need some help. I apologize if the answer to my question is to obvious. I am in a little hurry because is for my Thesis, I will appreciate any help.

    I am trying to create a mainWindow in which I set a TreeWidget. The tree widget has three parents in which there are at least two children in just one column (pretty simple). I want to make each child show an enable different actions.

    How I can filter the index by clicking to provide different actions with a conditional sentence? I just need the general way to perform and maybe an example.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Sorry but I didn't really get what you need, could you show us an example of what you'd want?

  • Something very simple, just like in the Qt Creator IDE. I want to make my Qt application to display different elements (like the file editor) when I click in the different elements of the tree.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Usually you react to the activated signal and do what you want based on the QModelIndex passed as argument.

    Since you are using a QTreeWidget, then the currentItemChanged might be more fitting to your needs.

  • @SGaist Thank you very much for your answer. However, how can I set the currentItemChanged?

    How the code differentiate the different items? How can I implement that?

    Sorry for the silly questions

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    You don't implement a signal. Please take a look at the signals and slots chapter or Qt's documentation.

    As for the differentiation, each item has a different content so it's up to you act on the content of your items.

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