Qt creator 4.2.1 UI is huge and doesn't fit on my screen

  • Hi there!!
    I just upgraded my Qt Creator I use to code for FreeCAD. The new creator's UI elements are too large, leaving little to no space for the actual workspace.
    alt text
    Also, Options window doesn't fit vertically on my screen, so I don't see buttons to apply the settings.
    I haven't found any place to shrink the UI elements. Probably, dropping DPI settings in Windows will do, but that will hurt overall usability of my touchscreen laptop very much.

    The old Qt creator is almost fine. The UI elements there are a little bit small to use on touchscreen, but they are still quite usable. That leaves quite a lot of space to work in.

    I am on Windows10, with scaling set to 150%. The screen is 11 inch 1920x1080.

    Is there any way to reduce the size back to around what is in Qt Creator 3?

  • This problem looks surprisingly similar to QTCREATORBUG-15115. But the bug is marked as Fixed...

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    Seems to be fixed for other platform than windows :)

    Anyway, its most likely due to the 150% scaling

    You can try to use
    -platform windows:dpiawareness=0

  • @mrjj thanks for suggestion. I tried it, and the scaling is indeed improved a bit. But, Qt creator becomes blurry, apparently because Windows applies raster scaling to it. I tried disabling the raster scaling (right-click exe, ->compatibility -> disable scaling...) but this restores back the huge UI elements.

    I also tried playing with environment variables a bit mentioned on the page you linked, but none of my attempts had any effect at all so far...

  • @mrjj Hey, environment variable worked!

    C:\Qt\qtcreator421\bin>set QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1
    C:\Qt\qtcreator421\bin>echo %QT_SCALE_FACTOR%

    alt text
    Awesome, thanks a bunch!

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Super :)
    Thx for reporting back.

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