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About Qt and MFC

  • hello everybody :)

    now, i am making some parts of program with Qt 5 (Qt creator 4.2.1)
    but other parts of that are made of MFC Programming.....

    of course, this is my fault because i didn't check it..

    Do i need to change all my code?
    if there is a way to migrate Qt code to MFC, please tell me.

    thanks for reading.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Aleph I don't think there is an easy way to migrate from MFC to Qt. You will need to rewrite the GUI parts of your application.

  • @jsulm
    but, point is not 'from MFC to Qt'
    'from Qt to MFC' is what i am thinking about.

    Anyhow, you mean that i need to rewrite every code right?
    T.T Do you have any word for Diablo? because i think i will meet him
    i can see hell-gate... even though it was from my fault...

    Kidding, Thanks again ;)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Aleph Why did you mix Qt and MFC in the first place?
    "Anyhow, you mean that i need to rewrite every code right?" - not every. Those using Qt. Depending on your design/architecture it will be more or less work (clear separation between UI and logic).

  • 20 years ago MFC was good, you could listen to MC Hammer singing "You can't touch this" and create some Windows programs. However today MFC is abandonware, whereas Qt is updated a couple of times each year. It's a no-brainer which one to use :-)

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