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Multi-TableViews nested in a Flickable and mouse/wheel events

  • Hello all,

    In a desktop application, I have a Flickable that contains 2 TableViews setup something like this:

           Flickable {
               contentHeight: column.height
               Column {
                   id: column
                   Text {} // title
                   TableView {
                       height: row.height * rowCount
                   Text{} // title
                   TableView {
                       height: row.height * rowCount

    Now the issue is that the TableView eats all mouse event and I wish the Flickable to be scrollable using the regular mouse grab and the wheel.
    I did usedpressDelay: 100 on the Flickable which would solve the grab to flick but would prevent double-click to work. (and still doesn't fix wheel events.)
    flickableItem.interactive in tableView has no effect.

    I use the TableViews to present data listView style but with headers (with sorting later on), I don't have any cell handling/interaction except click to select row, double-click/enter to activate and arrow up/down to navigate.

    Any suggestion ?

    Thank you in advances for any help.

  • So I kind of half fixed my issue:
    if add

    Binding {
            target: __mouseArea
            property: "preventStealing"
            value: false

    in TableView I do get the flicking back but having to access a private var property feel a little hackish.

    Now the issue left is that my mouse wheel event are still not propagated to the flickable.

    N.B: forgot to specify, I'm using Qt 5.7

  • small update on what prevent me from getting the wheel event in the flickable when the mouse is on a tableview.
    Based on source:
    TableView is base on BasicTableView which is based on ScrollView which contains a WheelArea in a internal item that I can't access.

    in it's wheelArea inside the children property and I can't find a way to deactivate it as it is in a internal Item.

    Any idee ?

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