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How to force update

  • I have a number of widgets, in most cases everything updates and works, but in one particular case a button doesn't update, yet if I stop in the debugger then single step the update occurs....I'm manually calling the 'update' method associated with the widget but this doesn't cause and instant update. I've tried using QCoreApplication::processEvents(), but this causes a crash.

    How can I ensure a widget is redrawn when I want it to be?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    its sounds a bit odd.
    What do u mean by update ?
    You change the text on button ?
    Normally it will redraw them self when needed for Qts classes.

    So i think we need a bit more context and code to give any suggestions.

    Only thing i know to prevent updates is using long lasting loops or any construct that strangulates the
    event queue.

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