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  • Hi,

    I am currently doing a school project.

    We are creating a snake game, not using qml.
    I am now stuck on writing username and score to file in such a way that I can easily retrieve the information and list it in a table later on. I have been looking into this http://qjson.sourceforge.net/usage/ but I get errors when I make a class implemented this way. And I can not find anything on implementation, only headerfiles in the tutorial. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What about using a database for that kind of information ?

  • I would love to!!! :)
    I need to deliver this project fully functional in a zip folder. Is this possible, with a database? :)

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    @sterling Yes, use SQLite - it stores the data in a file. Qt supports SQLite.

  • SQL to save the top scores seams a huge overkill. One of my first projects in Qt was a snake game using QWidgets, looking at the code now makes me want to puke but it worked (and I still can't beat the rat in the last level of difficulty 😜). In that case I just used a binary file see https://github.com/VSRonin/SnaQe/blob/master/Opzioni.cpp#L166 (sorry for code written in italian)

  • Thank you all so much! You have been very helpful. :)

    I have been looking into sql lite, as it would be interresting.When I looked into it I got the impression I still needed external sources.
    So I skipped it.
    I will look into your code VRonin.
    Thank god for google translate :)

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    For the last part. a zip file. yes its possible.
    You just need a so called deployment folder with all Qt dlls and some sub folders. and then your .exe.

    For using json, this might be of use

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    @sterling said in Writing object variables to file qjason:

    I still needed external sources

    What external sources do you mean? Qt already supports SQLite out of the box.
    But it is just a note - I don't want to force you to use SQLite :-)

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