Auto-start QML app on imx6

  • I made "installation package" with QML app and dependent libraries and plugins, on imx6 (Boundary's Nitrogen board) on Linux 14.04. As a user, I can start this app from script which setup the environment and runs my app.
    But, when I try to start it as root, it cannot start - it complains that it cannot create OpenGL context. However, when I add "-platform eglfs" it does not recognize it (even though I have a matching library in QML platforms folder and that path is set in startup script).
    Any suggestions on what could be the problem?

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    @Laza I guess with "Linux 14.04" you mean Ubuntu 14.04?
    So, you try to start your app with sudo? Or how do you "start it as root"?

    sudo ./my_app


  • @jsulm Yes, it's Ubuntu and sudo. On my PC, script starts GUI app even as root, but not on dev-board.
    All environment variables I got as a user (all that seems to be relevant to QT) I tried to add to startup script and run that script as root, but it doesn't work.

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