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Android: Display count return as "1" in dual display setup

  • Hi,

    Platform : iMX6Q SABRE-AI,
    Using Android Marshmallow and QT : 5.7
    we have HDMI and LVDS (dual display) connected to imx6 board.

    int iScreenCount = QGuiApplication::screens().size();
    qDebug("[QT_ANDRO] ScreenCount--->%d",iScreenCount);

    Above code returns "iScreenCount" =1 , even-though we have connected HDMI and LVDS display to imx6 board.

    foreach (QScreen *screen, QGuiApplication::screens()) {
    qDebug() << "[QT_ANDRO] Connected Screen Name" << screen->name();
    also we are getting "screen->name()" as "empty".

    Please comment about this.


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    @vineesh Do both displays work?

  • Yes.
    Mirrored contents are shown on both hdmi and lvds display.

  • Any update on this issue? I am also facing same issue.

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