Draw MapPolyline as dotted line

  • Hello!
    How to draw QML MapPolyline item as dotted(not solid) line?
    Do I need override MapPolyline repainting?
    How i should do it better?
    Can I do this from QML or do I have to use C++?

  • As I understand it the easiest way is to modify the C++ rendering for QML element at the stage of packing it in dll.
    In C++ code is enough to change only one line Qt::SolidLine => Qt::DottedLine.
    It is strange that the Qt developers did not make this custom.
    I need make my custome module, as did Qt, make [qmldir]((http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtqml-syntax-directoryimports.html#directory-listing-qmldir-files) and plugins.qmltypes.
    And then build my custom dll, which will contain the modified QML types.

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