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Porting files from .qmlproject to .pro projects

  • I'm working on a project that I initially developed in the .qmlproject format. I have about 6 QML classes defined and dozens of images in the images folder.

    I now need to more control past the graphics and will need C++ as part of the design. I started this as a QML Quick UI project with a .pro project file so I can use the C++ and QML files together.

    I now need to merge the first QML files with the second phase. I thought it would be as easy as dropping in the old QML files, but it doesn't work that way.

    I found that I would have to add EACH QML file individually to the project list, along with ALL the image files. Is there a simpler way to specify this without adding each like this?

    And why am I doing this? The project will be done in 2 phases: the first on the PC and the second will be on linux. And it also needs to interface with Matlab for both, which is where C++ comes into play. If I go with .qmlproject I will need to write a plugin to get access to external programs I write to do the interface.

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