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QT5 Multimedia for Yocto/OpenEmbedded

  • Hello,

    Last couple of days I've been trying to integrate QtMultimedia in my Embedded linux image. Thus far I have not been able to succesfully build an image that contains the shared libraries needed to run QtMultimedia ( not included). I did some searching on the web, but I couldn't find anything useful. So for my first question, does anybody know where to find documentation about how the meta-qt layer is structured and how one can use it?

    If there is no such information available, can someone shed some light on how I'm supposed to include QtMultimedia and its dependencies in my linux image build?

    Thus far I tried a couple of things;

    Added the necessary packageconfigs in *.bbappend files;

    • qtbase_git.bbappend -> packageconfig: eglfs, sql-lite, mtdev, icu, udev;
    • qtmultimedia_git.bbappend -> packageconfig: gstreamer;
    • qtwebkit_git.bbappend -> packageconfig: qtmultimedia, gstreamer;

    Added IMAGE_INSTALL targets in local.confg:

    • qtmultimedia
    • qtmultimedia-plugins
    • qtmultimedia-examples
    • qtmultimedia-qmlplugins

    Really I'm just doing some trial and error here. It would be nice if there is some kind of documentation of the meta-qt layer. Anyway, I'll hope someone can help me on this subject, thanks in advance!

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