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Build for ios using qbs

  • Hi,

    We have a QtQuick Application running on desktop and we want to export it on IOS.

    We are using qbs file to build our application.
    We have crosscompiled all the libraries we are using and make some changes to support OpenGLES.

    The build succeed I have a ios debug folder in the build folder.
    But in order to execute it on the tablet I think we need a xcodeproject to make some changes to the "Developper team" flags in xcode.

    At the end of the build i got this screen:


    And this is what my build folder looks like

    alt text

    As you can see i have a plist file and a Dsym file.

    Do someone succeed to execute a qbs project on ios ?
    If you have any idea on how i should proceed to launch the app on the tablet, i am eager to know.

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