QFileSystemModel is not working on Linux with QCompleter for ~username/....

  • I have used QFileSystemModel for QCompleter. On windows it works fine but on linux when I type ~gyeole/ it does not popup for auto completion. But if I type "/" then it pops up. Any suggestion to access directory with ~gyeole/....

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    Can you share the code you are using for initialising Completer and the rest so it can be tested ?

  • QFileSystemModel *fModel = new QFileSystemModel();
    QObject::connect(m_dirCompleter, SIGNAL(activated(QString)),
    this, SLOT(insertCompletion(QString)));

    //m_dirCompleter is QCompleter

    //In QTextEdit in keyPressEvent captuaring edited text for poping up auto completion
    //getCompleter () returns m_dirCompleter
    getCompleter()->popup()->setCurrentIndex(getCompleter()->completionModel()->index(0, 0));
    cr = cursorRect();
    + getCompleter()->popup()->verticalScrollBar()->sizeHint().width());
    popupVisible = true;

    void CxConsoleQt::insertCompletion(const QString& string)
    std::string str = qPrintable(string);
    int extra = string.length() - getCompleter()->completionPrefix().length();
    m_editableLength += extra;

  • @Gitesh-Yeole
    Can you please use code tags as it makes it more readable?

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    Note that the tilde handling in bash has nothing do to with path handling within a library, some will do the expansion for you under the hood but that's not something you should rely on for auto completion like that.

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