Display various size of ListElements with GridView

  • Hello Experts,

    my goal is to design a UI like the windows phone (example), with rezieable tiles and automatic reassabling of the items and various items height and width. I posted already a question at StackOverflow with more information.

    Display variuos size of ListElements with GridView

    After trying and failing for long time, I'am almost sure I use the wrong approach.
    I used the GridView Demo from QT and tried to modify it, but I failed.
    Maybe on of you experts can give me a hint for solving this. I'm relatively new at QML but willing to learn and motivated. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

  • I don't believe that GridView can be tricked to handle elements of different sizes (at least not without a lot of hacky code). I would go with custom solution here.

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