Getting QML tests to reference QML in another directory

  • I'm trying to get QML tests to work, but I can't get any imports from the app directory to work.

    I have my application in panel/app/ (main.qml, Page1.qml, Page1Form.ui.qml)
    I have my tests in panel/qmltest/

    panel/qmltests/ looks like:

    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET = tst_app
    CONFIG += warn_on qmltestcase
    SOURCES += tst_app.cpp
    IMPORTPATH += $$PWD/../app
    QML_IMPORT_PATH += $$PWD/../app

    panel/qmltests/tst_app.qml looks like:

    import QtQuick 2.3
    import QtTest 1.0
    TestCase {
        name: "MathTests"           /* just an example.  TODO test app pages*/
        Page1Form {
        function test_max_speed() {
            var got = max_left_speed()
            compare(got, 5000, "Max speed " + got + " != 5000")

    I run it like this:
    ../../build-gxrpanel-private_5_8-Debug/qmltests/tst_app -import "/home/dchristian/src/gxrpanel/app"

    And get:
    file:///home/dchristian/src/gxrpanel/qmltests/tst_app.qml:8:5: Page1Form is not a type
    Page1Form {
    It's not resolving the QML file.

    If I run it under strace, it's trying to open: /home/dchristian/src/gxrpanel/qmltests/Page1Form.qml
    Which implies that it's ignoring the import path.

    What's the right way to get a QML test to reference the app QML?


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    @DanCA-A I don't know if it will help but I put my qml files into a resource (qrc) for my project. Then as long as you set up your qrc properly and reference the files with a proper url they will all know about each other.

    As for your specific "on the filesystem" case I don't have any answers for you there.

  • That sounds interesting, but I'm not sure how to "set up your qrc properly and reference the files with a proper url ".

    I already have a qrc file in the app directory, so I tried referencing it by adding it to like this:
    RESOURCES += $$PWD/../app/qml.qrc

    The qrc file looks like this (all local relative references):

        <qresource prefix="/">

    It builds OK, but things still don't work. Same error as before.

    I don't know if how I imported it changed the paths. Is there a way to list the resource paths?

    I'm still referencing it as "Page1". Is that the right way to reference it?

    I'm new to Qt, so I may be missing something obvious.


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    @DanCA-A Your qrc is correct. The url needs to look like this excerpt from an app of mine:

    auto comp = new QQmlComponent(engine, QUrl("qrc:///main.qml"));

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    @DanCA-A said in Getting QML tests to reference QML in another directory:

    ../../build-gxrpanel-private_5_8-Debug/qmltests/tst_app -import "/home/dchristian/src/gxrpanel/app"

    Missed a "/" in your import path? Is that /home/dchristian/src/gxr/panel/app?

  • Are you saying that a trailing / is needed for the import path?

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    @DanCA-A No he was suggesting you missed a / between gxr and panel.

    Trailing slashes are not necessary.

  • That just me being sloppy. The real name is gxrpanel, but I "cleaned it up" to panel; and then pasted in stuff with the full name.

    Apologies for the confusion,

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