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Using QtCharts in version 5.5.1

  • Hello,

    As a very new member of Qt family, I'm getting into the Qt world step by step :) My question for you is,

    I'm trying to make widgets for a platform that is developed in Qt framework. The platform I'm trying to create widgets for has support for Qt widgets but only for the 5.5.1 msvc 2013 64 bit compiler.

    I want to create a widget using "QtCharts" library which is available in version 5.8.

    I looked for a way to get the library from github and statically build it and use it in version 5.5.1 but could not succeeded.

    Also tried to include the library in .pro file; even the QtCharts headers and libs is reached from the source code, I cannot use QtCharts instances on the platform that I'm creating widgets for. /its basically not loaded/

    Can you please give me a little help about what do I need to look for?

    Best Regards

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    First thing, the official code repositories can be found at, GitHub is just a mirror.

    You should build and install the module like you would any other Qt module. Something like.:

    mkdir build_qtcharts
    pushd build_qtcharts
    /path/to/Qt5.5.1/bin/qmake /path/to/QtCharts
    make install

    And then in your .pro file:

    QT += charts

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