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Main Window Hide and Show from another dialogue form

  • Hi, I'm a newbie and in my program I'm just simply trying to create a login form. When the user logs in there is a option to log out. When the user logs out I want to show the main window again. But i'm unable to do so. I can hide the main window but can't bring it back. Any ideas how I might solve the problem

  • @arkantos.tas
    while you show mainwindow, create dialog and show this.

        MainWindow w;
        UserLoginDlg* mydlg = new UserLoginDlg();
        if(mydlg->exec() == QDialog::Accepted){
        }else return -1;

    Means that the user has to log in. username and password is Correct.

    Now left with only two things to do in the dialogue.

    if user correct then:

    void UserLoginDlg::on_Log_In_clicked()

    if user incorrect:
    void UserLoginDlg::on_Log_Out_clicked() or The user then cut form

  • @arkantos.tas
    ohh, sorry I did not see the problem correctly. I think I wrote the wrong answer.

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    @arkantos.tas How do you try to show the main window again?

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