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Folder structure for unit test

  • Hi,

    I would like to add unit test in my Qt application.
    Actually, I have one qmake file which link several library, and contains specific OS rule .

    So, if I want to make unittest, is it possible to setup the current qmake file ? Or do I need to create 2 projects and use SUBDIRS keywords.

    I don't want to duplicate qmake file.

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    In that case, I'd think a subdirs project would be better. That way you'll keep things clearly and cleanly separated.

    One possible setup could be to have the "core business" classes in a library that you can unit test and then an app subproject where you have the application code that uses the "core business" library.

    Hope it helps

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    I use cmake these days, but exactly what @SGaist said. Subdirs all the way.

    In cmake you can even go a step further and if testing is not enabled it won't include your test directories.

    I usually have a directory called unittest that contains my googletest/catch/cpputest (preference in that order) project and source.

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