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Official build with OS X Lion support?

  • I've upgraded to OS X Lion and after re-installing xcode I can get my project to compile again in Qt Creator, but I get a lot of warnings about the OS version not being supported.

    I get the impression this is largely fixed in trunk? Is an official update likely soon so I don't have to go compiling it up myself?

    -- Sarah

  • I think Trolls will release the update soon. :D
    Btw, do you pay $29.9 to upgrade your Mac OS X system ?

  • Cool. I noticed there's a beta for 4.8, I'll try that & see if it solves the compatibility warnings.

    And yes, I bought the upgrade on the app store -- the price was a little different in Australian dollars but pretty similar.

  • Yep, the beta for 4.8 works for me (accessed via the updater, in the 'experimental' package). I expect that'll become official soon, and until then the beta is easier for me than 4.7.3 :)

  • If you want to remove the warnings, you can hack the qtglobal.h to add mac 10.7 as a supported version.
    It's 2 lignes of codes and a thousands of warnings less.

  • Sarah u solved ur problem about it?

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