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Fetch QComboBox selected value from delegate class in QTableView

  • I have a QTableView in which i have set QComboBox Delegate to one of the columns. I want to get the value from comboBox whenever it is changed and also which comboBox in the column is changed i.e in which row the comboBox value is changed.

    Using signals i am able to get the value when comboBox when its value is changed but I want to associate it with the row in which the ComboBox is present. I tried emitting signal from setModelData() function in Delegate class but the problem with QComboBox delegate is the setModelData() is called only when comboBox looses the focus.
    So any help regarding this would be greatly helpful.
    Thank You

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    Out of curiosity, why do you need that value for ? Shouldn't be the model dataChanged be enough ?

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