Virtual Keyboard flickable issue

  • Hi

    I'm working with Qt 5.7.0 on an i.mx6 ARM controller and capacitive touch screen.
    I want to use the virtual keyboard, so i have compiled the plugin and the example project.
    If i start the example and touch one of the textfields the keyboard comes up. So the plugin is working.

    But if i touch a field on the lower half of the screen, the keyboard will be shown and overlays the input field. The screen content is not moving up and i can not see what i am typing. As far if i know the selected textfield should always be moved to the upper part of the screen so that the keyboard will not overlay it.

    In that example program from qt link text. I have face same problem, when i compile the program in the desktop kit.

    Also the handwriting seems not to be working. I have looked in the QML files of the example project and there is a 'HandwritingInputPanel' Item but how does it work?

    How can i solve these problems in the virtual keyboard?

  • Hi have you fond out the solution? I'm stuck at the same problem

  • @sam_joseph Hi

    I didnt find any solution. Still i have face that problem.

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