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Qt Serial not usable from another class

  • Hello to all.
    I'm trying to read and write with serial port. I have created a class , named serial , and connect it with readyRead on mainwindow.cpp.

    I'm reading the data when I received it by connecting signal in serial.cpp without any problem.

    I'm writing the data in serial.cpp without any problem too.

    But when I tried to write data from another class(manuel.cpp) "The program has unexpectedly finished".

    With my researches I found that the when I tried to access the serial device in manuel.cpp , I cant.
    I looked from manuel.cpp , isOpen,isReadable,isWriteable and they are both false.
    But when I looked from serial.cpp they are true.

    I think the problem is the serial device can reachable from another class. Is there any solvers?

    Here is my github link

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    @bladekel From design point of view what you are doing is bad:

    • QSerialPort *arduino; - should be private, provide public read() and write() methods

    • const QString arduino_seri = "75533353637351110171"; -should be private + a public getter

    • QString arduino_port_name; - should be private + a public getter

    • bool arduino_is_available; - should be private + a public getter

    Your app is probably crashing because you did not call serial::ard_kontrol() before writing. In serial::ard_kontrol() you initialize arduino pointer, so if you do not call it you're dereferencing a dangling pointer. In general in such cases you should first debug to see where exactly it is crashing and why.

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    You do all your initialisation in ard_kontrol. You never call that function thus nothing is initialised.

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    Your code is a tad difficult to understand. But from a quick browse of your code I think I found the culprit:

    Your have 2 objects of your class serial active. One created and maintained from mainwindow and one from manual.

    But you can open your serial port only once -> Error

    Remove the serial instance from your manual class and use signal slots in your mainwindow to connect manual and serial together and let them communicate that way

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