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QT Executable odd printout on generation

  • Hi everyone,

    Quick question. When compiling my project and it gets to the phase of generating the executable, there is a weird print out and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this and knows how to correct it.

    t -n "/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/" && DESTDIR="/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/" || DESTDIR=.; } && test $(gdb --version | sed -e 's,[^0-9][^0-9]([0-9]).([0-9]).,\1\2,;q') -gt 72 && gdb --nx --batch --quiet -ex 'set confirm off' -ex "save gdb-index $DESTDIR" -ex quit '/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter' && test -f /home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter.gdb-index && objcopy --add-section '.gdb_index=/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter.gdb-index' --set-section-flags '.gdb_index=readonly' '/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter' '/home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter' && rm -f /home/hmetcalfe/project/bin/Converter.gdb-index || true

    What is this?

  • Is it actually giving you an error? It looks to me like it's just doing some configuration setup related to which version of GDB you are using.

  • No error. Just an odd printout. Wasn't sure if it was something that could be removed. I know that in a different project that I had it was an issue with a qmake file.

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