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app works in Apple TestFlight ok, but is rejected on Store

  • Hi,

    I developed an cell phone app that connects to a server. The host where the server is running did not have IPV6 configured, and the app was connecting using IPV4. When I submitted the app to TestFlight, the users could use it with no issue.

    When I submitted the same app to Apple Store, they rejected it, saying the it should work on a IPV6 network. So, I changed the server to accept IPV6 connections, and the host was reconfigured to use IPV6 addresses. I left the app connecting using IPV4.

    Again, the TestFlight worked ok, but when I submitted to Apple Strore, the reviewers rejected it again, saying the app could not connect to the server.

    Then, I changed the app to connect using IPV6, and it was finally accepted in Apple Store, but the users got an error while trying to connect.

    I went back to submitting the app first to TestFlight, and the users could use it fine. I just submitted it to the Store, and I am waiting for the result.

    Well, my question is: did anyone have a similar experience with this duality between TestFlight and Store?

    Thanks for your time and patience!

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    AFAIK, the TestFlight validation might be a bit less complete (for a lack of better term) than when going for the App Store. For example if your application is using a web service that requires an account to be created, you have to provide a test account for the validation to succeed when you send it to the App Store.

  • @SGaist

    I provided an account, but that was not the reason they rejected the app, but issues regarding connection. And one time, they sent a print of an error message that I removed from the code.
    Anyway, I am surprised, to say the least, how so much more difficult is to have the app accepted in Apple Store, compared to Google Play.

    Thanks for your time!

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    It might indeed look more difficult however Apple does a more thorough screening for their App Store unlike Google for the Play Store who only started recently to do thing a bit more seriously.

    Take the question in the other side: would you rather install an application from a source known to check that it's working as advertised or a source that provides it because it's been uploaded there ?

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    @canellas I had problems publishing apps:

    Apple: using the word 'Android' in my App About Page. It's not allowed to mention other platforms in iOS apps

    Google: using a package name ending with a productname or using a productname as part of my app name or using Images / Logos with product logos / Icons.
    Had to upload a confirmation from my customers to Google that I'm having the right to use product names, product logos etc.

    App rejection can happen from testFlight or Google Beta Test or from Production APPs.
    Sometimes 20 updates done without a problem, then suddenly rejected.
    So it can happen in Testflight or Production.

    Never had problems because of IPV4 vs 6

  • I had an app rejected by Apple due to IPv4/IPv6 issues. Seems that they assumed the app would not connect to my server to due the server being IPv6, while the test device was IPv4.

    Turns out, after some researching and head scratching, it was Apple's test guys fault. He did not follow the instructions I gave for the 'Test Account'.

    Once that was pointed out to them, they validated and approved the App immediately.

    So, moral is ... don't take their rejection reason as an absolute. Especially if it doesn't make sense with what you KNOW you've done as the developer.

    Funny thing is... now, when I update the app with Apple, 1/2 the time they don't read the 'Test Account' info. I just updated this weekend, and noticed on my server that someone at Apple did not enter the TA credentials and just sat there hitting the 'connect' button every 2-3 seconds for an hour..with an empty text box right above the button. If they would only just read...

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    Well, not all people are doing their job with the same level of interests for "details"..

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