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Problem to compile quickios

    i can not compile this plugin(This). it is about native component of ios that mix objective-c and qt.

    Build Instruction for Command Line
    mkdir build
    cd build
    If build success, it will run app with lldb debugger

    i did steps as you have written
    1 mkdir build
    2 cd build
    3 ../

    but in 4th step there is no file to continue !!
    what am i wrong here ??
    and one more question . what is simple way to mix objective-c and Qt for ios or any useful references , for example i need ios native map in qt how can i do it ?
    here is a screen shot
    screen shot

    thank you

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  • @Wieland now i correct link address(sorry).

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    @farshad-bayat The build instruction is outdated. The is not needed for current version. You could just open the .pro file in Qt Creator, set target to iOS, then build & deploy. Sorry for the confusion.

  • @benlau
    tank you for your replay
    but i can't compile it again, and i face below:
    No profiles for 'com.github.QuickIOSExample' were found:-1: error: Xcode couldn't find a provisioning profile matching 'com.github.QuickIOSExample'.
    here is the screen shot screen shot

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