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libusb installation and usage in qtcreator

  • Hi all. I am trying to install libusb on qt. After long time googling I've found that my .pro file need to add these lines. I got libusb from official site libusb:

    INCLUDEPATH += D:\my_files\Qt\resources\libusb-1.0.21\libusb
    LIBS += -L D:\my_files\Qt\resources\libusb-1.0.21\Win32\Debug\lib -llibusb-1.0

    So now I've got error undefined reference to `@__security_check_cookie@4'. After googling for a long time I found that I am missing something and need to link them. What to do and how to link these libraries? Does anyone knows step by step tutorial how to install and use libusb in qtcreator?

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    @Giorgi Remove the space between -L and D and remove lib prefix from -llibusb-1.0:

    LIBS += -LD:/my_files/Qt/resources/libusb-1.0.21/Win32/Debug/lib -lusb-1.0

    And use / instead of \

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