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OPC UA protocol

  • Hi everyone,

    i'm looking for advise for a new project that involve the implementation of read/write of variables with the OPC UA protocol (automation / M2M communication).
    I would like to create an OPC server, with some simple variables (numeric, strings, data structures).

    Any suggestions? Is there a SDK or a qt plugin available?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi @mattpltt ,

    I don't have any concrete suggestions, but I do know that efforts are underway to add OPC UA support to Qt. It's not released yet, though:

  • Hi I am trying to make the following project:

    Phoenix AXC 1050 with Sierra RV50 Modem (OPC UA Client?)
    Server with OPC UA Tunneling
    Laptop with Tia portal V16 professional as SCADA(OPC UA Server?)

    2 way communication.
    Now I Saw that you worked with OPC UA icw M2M so could you help me with how this could work?

    Hope to receive a reaction.

    Thanks a lot!

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