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Custom KSControls?

  • Hi all,
    I'm new to QT and wonder whether I should use it for a cross-os (mainly Linux/Windows) development of in-house tools.

    We are in need of sending custom KS-Controls to the camera - the WinRT api allows it in windows.

    Is there a way (I'm sure there is) to do it with QT? Can someone point me to a relevant sample?

    Is it a reasonably simple task? Is it portable with V4L (Extension units in UVC)?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you share more information about these KS-Controls ?

  • Hi,
    taken from UVC 1.5 spec
    UVC 1.5 Class specification.pdf section - extension unit -
    Our hardware (Depth camera) supports various extension unit controls. (Laser-power, Laser-mode etc.)

    You can lookup Intel RealSense Camera for more info on those controls.

    Windows various api's allows the programmer access to these controls -
    the most recent API (WinRT) - with SetDeviceProperty

    Since UVC is a standard implemented also on linux - we're tring to figure out some cross platform framework to have in-house apps for tuning/testing etc.

    Does QT have support for such controls (UVC extension units)?

    And another related question - on windows the Device-MFT plugin can define KS controls- and those allows user apps to communicate with device MFT - e.g. set engineering mode for tuning, set special mode to the camera etc.

    This is done via the same api's (with different guid's) and are handled by the device-MFT plugin - so, can we send custom guids with custom buffer?


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    AFAIK, the QtMultimedia module doesn't offer such extensions.

    So you are looking for something like librealsense ?

    Otherwise, I'd go with implementing a plugin per supported platform.

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