Can Qt provide same visual dynamic event/data driven charting as d3.js ?

  • Dear Qt gurus,

    I am an electrical engineer not fluent in programming , have been using perl for my easy scripts...
    Recently I need to do more serious application with intense numerics and charting.

    I am still debating if I should invest learning into local webserver app vs Qt/C++ , but beyond this , I saw what d3.js can do in term of dynamic charting, can touch screen , zoom in & out , change datat that modify other graph dynamically.. etc..

    Can Qt do same thing ?

    I really want to know, I could not find any example online.
    Thank you all for your thoughts.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    It depends on what you really need to do.

    If you'd need d3.js you can also make us of QtWebEngine or @Konstantin-Tokarev QtWebKit reboot to build your application and use all the JS libraries you need.

    There's a post about integrating d3 with QML here that might be of interest.

    Hope it helps.

  • Note that maybe you can get away with Perl for your task. For example look at Also, search CPAN.

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