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Main Menu Disappears in Design View

  • Initial message here, so first of all -- Hi to all! Now for my problem:
    Downloaded and installed Qt Creator 4.2.1 yesterday. Ran several demos -- all is good. Except that the Qt Creator main menu disappears when I select Design view for (apparently) any mainwindow.ui. This is repeatable and behaves the same in all projects that I tried. To get the menu back, I have had to exit Qt Creator and restart. Running Ubuntu Linux 16.04 and Gnome. Is this a known issue perhaps or something I'm missing? Thanks for all advice.
    -- Tom

  • Update: the problem only occurs with mainwindow.ui; other .ui files open in the designer and the main menu does not disappear. When I open mainwindow.ui, boom, the menu disappears. Anybody have the same trouble?

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    @JazzyGuy I don't use Qt Creator but I run linux (arch), and haven't really had any issues like that with the designer.

    Does this happen when it is a MainWindow component or just because the file was named mainwindow.ui? I.e. if it was random.ui but was a MainWindow would it still happen?

    That is such a weird thing. I can test on my linux in a minute and let you know if it happens.

    Edit: I lied, don't have Qt Creator installed, lol. I couldn't test it, but I did try it in designer and it working fine with mainwindow.ui and it being an actual MainWindow.

  • Problem was repeatable; now it doesn't seem to occur. Fixed by an update perhaps? Thanks for your reply.

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    @JazzyGuy said in Main Menu Disappears in Design View:

    Problem was repeatable; now it doesn't seem to occur. Fixed by an update perhaps? Thanks for your reply.

    Qt doesn't really auto update. Nor does it update very often. So unless you updated it, probably not.

    It could just have been something as simple as your PC was in a bad state and a reboot fixed it. Windows users are used to that but us Linux guys aren't. It does still happen though. I had some issues with a kernel futex that would only go away not just with a reboot but a complete power off and restart. Problem persisted even through a reboot.. it was crazy.

  • Hi, I am getting this exact same problem on Ubuntu 14.04, Qt creator 5.8. The main menu bar disappears when an ui file is opened in Design view. Alt+F also becomes unresponsive. Are you sure you have not done anything and it just fixed itself?

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    @animez4me You know I was thinking .. if you are using the default ubuntu window manager (unity I believe it is called) it takes the menu bar of applications and puts them up at the top of the screen, like OSX would do.

    Maybe it is getting confused when using a mainwindow that has a menu bar attached to it in the designer? See if anyone has posted about that on ubuntu forums, and also check to see if that is happening.

    This could be why I've never seen anything like this as I haven't ever used ubuntu.

    Just a shot in the dark though, I don't really have any more ideas on what's going on with your guys' setups.

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