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How to change QLineEdit border color only?

  • My goal is to change the border color of QLineEdit based on the value of a property "valid".

    I have added this style:

    QLineEdit[valid=false] {border: 1px solid red}

    And when I set the property "valid" to false and do the unpolish(), polish() dance I see the red border.

    But the border radius is changed as is the padding.

    How do I only change the border color and leave the padding and border radius at the default value?

    I have considered finding the values of the border radius and padding, but did not find an API call that will return this information.

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    Currently you can't. Setting a style sheet will modify which Style is used to render a widget. You'll have to modify you style sheet to also alter the border radius.

  • I was thinking that maybe you could just reimplement paintEvent() and override the pen used to draw the frame.

    Have a look at the source of QLineEdit, it shouldn't be impossible

  • And I take it that I cannot get the default radius in any way?

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