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Signal to connect qtableview with combobox

  • Hi,

    I want to connect my qtableview made with QStandardItemModel with a combobox. Which Signal from Qtableview or Model need to use?

    Many Thanks

  • Probably need more explanation.

    I want this, everytime that somebody click on a cell reproduce that value in the combobox

  • Finally I do something like this:


    This is not what I wanted, but it is an intermediate solution.

    Because if for example I have two buttons (up and down) that are move the current position on the table, that definition of connect does not work. I will have to create another connect.

    It would be easier something like this:

    connect (model, SIGNAL (currentindex), this, DoSomething (currentindex))

  • Editing with a combobox ? try QStyledItemDelegate.

  • connect(ui->myTableView->selectionModel(),&QItemSelectionModel::currentChanged,[this](const QModelIndex& idx){if(idx.isValid()) ui->comboBox->setCurrentIndex(idx.row());});

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