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    I have written some blog post to help you if your customer asks for Apps running on a managed device:

    Overview managed Android Devices

    HowTo activate your Android Device for Work

    HowTo deploy Android Work APPs to Google Play Store for Work

    and most important for you: HowTo Debug, Build and Run Work Apps on managed Devices from QtCreator

    There are two BugReports (Feature Requests):

    please vote if you would like to get this done.

    BTW: here's another blog post HowTo deal with different package names if you have to support some execution targets (Dev, Test, Production) . Would be much easier to define the variables in .pro and Qt build process does the work ;-)

  • Thank you @ekkescorner for all your post that help a lot to start using Qt on a Mac :-)
    I had a little problem, I'm not able to create new AVD from Qt :-(

    I had configure JDK, SDK and NDK, download all android sdk that I want to use.
    But when the create avd popup is displayed, an error message is displayed : "Cannot create a AVD for ABI armeabi-v7a. Install an image for it" (same message for x86).

    Config : Mac OS Sierra, SDK tools v 25.2.5, NDK r10e, QT 5.8

    All comments would be appreciate ;-)


  • Qt Champions 2016

    @Bigmat thx for the kudos

    Config seems to be ok

    cannot help you with AVD - I'm never using AVD ;-)
    Always doing my tests only on real devices and to test UI without spending time deploying to device I'm using OSX Desktop. Then it's also easy to take a look at the app data from Library/ApplicationSupport

    Please open a new thread about your AVD problems

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