Qt Creator 4.2.1 in Windows 7 64Bit VM crashes on start

  • #!/bin/hi *

    I've just installed Qt Creator 4.2.1 (Community) inside a Windows 7 64Bit VirtualBox instance. Everything seems fine, but when I launch it, Windows Aero suddenly is disabled and the program crashed. Afterwards Windows Aero enables it again and Windows asks me to send a crash report.

    Running from with cmd.exe does not spill out any extra information:


    does not yield anything.

    What can I do?

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    Disable Welcome screen so u dont need openGL running

    as in
    qtcreator -noload Welcome -noload QmlDesigner -noload QmlProfiler

    If that works, its jsut good old openGL.
    You can then

    1. fix openGl
    2. use the About Plugins to disable it perm. ( In Creator)

  • Hi, thank you.

    Sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately I was not mailed about your answer.

    The tip succeeded and I can start QtCreator with the parameters you applied. However, I do not know which Plugins to disable.


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    Just try disable Welcome in creator
    Help->About Plugins. type welcome in search
    the modules are the same as on cmdline.

  • Thank you very much! Disabling the Welcome Plugin did indeed fix my problem! =)


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