QListWidget do not set currentItem

  • Hi!
    Could you help me with a little problem?
    I'm trying to set current item to QListWidget in order to avoid selection by mouse (which work fine).

    I find out different ways:
    setCurrentRow or get an item and setCurrentItem, but my programm fall down on such a code. Which way should be used then?

    QListWidget *m_list;
    m_list = new QListWidget;

    when i create new item:
    m_list->insert(m_list->count(), m_name->text());
    // here should be a code for setting current item
    m_list->setCurrentRow(m_list->count()-1); - isnt working


  • @SergeyK12
    I forgot to write about error:
    it is index out of range

    but m_list->count() return 1;

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    Sounds a bit strange, but since you are using QListWidget, why not use setCurrentItem with the one you just created ?

  • But there is no method which could return the last element.
    I'm trying do the following way
    QListWidgetItem *item = m_list->item(0);

    and nothing changed

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    Did you check that item isn't null ?

    In any case, can you just share the complete code where you are having trouble ?

  • I check for null and everything ok with it.
    I could share code via bitbucket, but it nedd additional dll. I will try to simplify it then.
    Here is a part with problem.
    Everything work ok without this string
    (i mean ok, but i shoul select an item manually)

        connect(m_compile, &QPushButton::clicked, [this](){
            qDebug() <<m_list->count();
            QListWidgetItem *item = m_list->item(0);
            if(item != nullptr)
            setFunctionCode (m_name->text(), m_editor->toPlainText());

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    Can you show a stack trace of your crash ?

  • That sounds strange for me, but when i erase all not nessesery parts for example QListWidget began to work correctly.
    I suppose i should watch my code once more because it crash only with m_list->setCurrentItem(item);

    Wow, thanks a lot for your guide and help. I figure out my problem.
    I also has a connection with itemSelectionChanged which emmited when some item is set. And when i commit this part the problem vanished.

  • @SGaist You've said it, I meet this same problem. The reason is that item is null.

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