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ChartView: Dynamically creating a series with a right axis (at a different scaling)

  • I'm trying to generate a chart every second line of which is referenced to an y axis on the right.

    I have a ChartView with multiple axis created inside:

        ChartView {
            id: uiChart
            anchors.fill: parent
            // @disable-check M17
            legend.visible: false
            antialiasing: true
            animationOptions: ChartView.NoAnimation
            ValueAxis {
                id: xaxisI
                minorTickCount: 4
                tickCount: 5
                titleText: "I / µA"
            ValueAxis {
                id: yaxisU
                minorTickCount: 4
                tickCount: 5
                titleText: "U / µV"
            ValueAxis {
                id: yaxisR
                gridVisible: false
                minorTickCount: yaxisU.minorTickCount
                tickCount: yaxisU.tickCount

    The limits for the axes are set dynamically. Now I want to generate two series, one against yaxisU on the left, other agains yaxisR on the right:

    var uSeries = uiChart.createSeries(ChartView.SeriesTypeLine, a, xaxisI, yaxisU)
    var rSeries = uiChart.createSeries(ChartView.SeriesTypeLine, a, xaxisI, yaxisR)

    If I do it like so, it does work, but both axis apear near each other to the left of the chart. If I try to set rSeries.axisYRight = yaxisR later, it doesn't change anything. On the other hand, if I try to omit yaxisR in the createSeries call and only set it later via rSeries.axisYRight, the R axis does appear on the right but the uSeries appears scaled to yaxisR rather then yaxisU.

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