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Drop event not generated after an accepted Drag Enter event

  • I'm trying to create a tiny helper class that would facilitate processing drop events for any widget. Here's the definition, it should be pretty clear what the idea is:

    FileDropHandler::FileDropHandler(QWidget* widget, const std::function<void (const FileNamesContainer&)>& handler) :
    bool FileDropHandler::eventFilter(QObject* /*watched*/, QEvent* event)
    	if (event->type() == QEvent::DragEnter)
    		auto * e = static_cast<QDragEnterEvent*>(event);
    		if (e->mimeData()->hasUrls())
    	else if (event->type() == QEvent::Drop)
    		auto * e = static_cast<QDropEvent*>(event);
    		FileNamesContainer filePaths;
    		for (const QUrl& url: e->mimeData()->urls())
    	return false;

    FileDropHandler is, of course, a subclass of QObject. And I'm instantiating it for a certain QTextEdit. Problem: DragEnter event is processed and acceptProposedAction is executed, but the Drop event does not follow. What did I miss?

  • return true after e->acceptProposedAction() fixed it. And I get it. What I don't get is this: I have tried e->accept() before posting this question, and it did not help. Can someone please explain?

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    AFAIK, e-accept() just tells that the system want the event. Returning true from eventFilter means that the event has been handled and handling should stop there.

    Hope it helps

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