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Install event filter for custom widget hides the widget

  • Hello All,

    I have a custom widget (MyCustomWidget), and inside MyCustomWidget, I have added a grid layout with some child widgets in it. Then I have added this MyCustomWidget in another QVBoxLayout.

    I want to enable and disable the MyCustomWidget using mouse click. So I used install event filter for MyCustomWidget and the child widgets. If I use this install event filter then MyCustomWidget is not showing at all. If I remove the install event filter then the MyCustomWidget is showing.

    Here's my code sample.

    MyCustomWidget  *enableDisableWidget = new MyCustomWidget(this);
    enableDisableWidget ->setObjectName("EnableOrDisableCusotmWidget");
    enableDisableWidget ->installEventFilter(this);
    MyCustomChildLabel  * myLabel  =  new MyCustomChildLabel (enableDisableWidget );
    myLabel->setStyleSheet("color: black");
    MyCustomChildLabel  * myLabel1  = new MyCustomChildLabel  (enableDisableWidget);
    myLabel1 ->setObjectName("CusotomLabel2");
    myLabel1 ->setStyleSheet("color: black");
    myLabel1 ->installEventFilter(this);
    QGridLayout *lay = new QGridLayout;
    lay ->addWidget(myLabel, 0, 0,1,1);
    lay ->addWidget(myLabel1,0, 1,1,1);

    Then I add this MyCusotmWidget to another QVBoxLayout where other QWidgets gets added to the layout.

    QVBoxLayout *verticalLayout = new QVBoxLayout;
    verticalLayout ->addWidget(new QPushButton("OK", this),1,Qt::AlignLeft);
    verticalLayout ->addWidget(new QLineEdit(this), 1, Qt::AlignLefr;);
    verticalLayout ->addWidget(enableDisableWidget,10,Qt::AlignLeft);

    The problem is, here MyCustomwidget is not shown in the verticalLayout. I can see the QPushButton and the QLineEdit, but not the MyCustomWidget. If I Remove the Install event filter for the MyCustomWidgets then it is shown. Please give me your suggestions.

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    Please show your implementation of the eventFilter method.

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  • @SGaist

    Here's my event filter function.

    bool MyClass::eventFilter(QObject *obj, QEvent *evt)
        if(obj->parent() != NULL && obj->parent() == enableDisableWidget ) 
            if(evt->type() == QEvent::MouseButtonPress)
            if(enableDisableWidget ->isEnabled())
            return false;
        return QWidget::eventFilter(obj,evt);

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    Since you are just changing the enable state, why aren't you letting the base class handle all the other events ?

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