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Qt 5.8 Linux compile issue

  • Hello, I just compiled Qt 5.8 statically for linux:

    ./configure -no-opengl -no-fontconfig -release -fontconfig -qt-libpng -qt-zlib -qt-freetype -static -prefix /home/jeff/Qt/5.8/static -confirm-license -opensource -nomake examples -no-xcb-xlib -qt-xcb -no-dbus -nomake tests -skip declarative -qt-xkbcommon

    It compiles fine.

    Afterwards, when I compile source from the command-line, none of my widgets have text, the buttons are blank.

    in my shadow dir
    qmake ~/mysource/

    binary is fine, executes, but no text on buttons or labels.

  • Hi,
    using these contradictory options -no-fontconfig -fontconfig -qt-freetype probably confuses the configure program.

  • @m.sue can't believe that slipped past me, thanks.

    Unfortunately, cleaning up the config didn't work. I've tried several different configs, which compile fine, but the static 5.8 gives me compiled programs without any fonts at all.

    Works fine on my Mac, haven't done Windows yet.

  • Fixed. I removed fontconfig and freetype from my config string.

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