Can I get user location on a Qt Desktop application?

  • I read that the OS X can get the approximate user location using the Wi-Fi network.

    Can I get the approximate user location on a Qt Desktop application?

    I tried to add Qt += positioning to my .pro file and use the following code:

        QGeoPositionInfoSource *source1 = QGeoPositionInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this);
        if (source1)
            qDebug() << "Test1";
        QGeoAreaMonitorSource *source2 = QGeoAreaMonitorSource::createDefaultSource(this);
        if (source2)
            qDebug() << "Test2";
        QGeoSatelliteInfoSource *source3 = QGeoSatelliteInfoSource::createDefaultSource(this);
        if (source3)
            qDebug() << "Test3";

    But no source (source1, source2, source3) is valid.

    Basically, I need to get the user location (latitude and longitude) to calculate the sunrise and sunset time.

    Note 1: the application will run on Windows and OS X.

    Note 2: I'm currently running it on a Macbook Pro with internet connection (don't know if it matters).


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    You should start by running one of the example from the module.

    IIRC, on macOS you should get a dialog asking whether you allow the application to get the position information from your machine.

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