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QQuickItem touchevent rate

  • I can see on my App, based on QtQuick, a low touch event rate per second(~60).
    I have created a parallel App based on QWidget and I could get a touch event rate per second ~170.

    Both apps are very simple, I have coded a QQuickItem/Qwidget, overriding touchEvent/event method and count the number of TouchUpdate events per second I am getting.

    BTW, in case of manage mouse events, I am getting more or less the same event rate per second in both: ~150.

    Is there a way to rise the touch event rate on a QtQuick based app?

  • Try running your app with QML_NO_TOUCH_COMPRESSION=1 environment variable set.

  • @jpnurmi That is what I needed. Now, I am getting around 150 events per second.

    many thanks.

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