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UCHAR to QString

  • Hi! I want to display Wireless AP names in QTreeWidget as QTreeWidgetItems. The problem is when I use QString::fromWCharArray(pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.ucSSID) function, it displays as blank items.


    QTreeWidgetItem apItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(wirelessData); //wirelessData is QTreeWidget
    apItem->setText(0, QString::fromWCharArray(pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.ucSSID));

    How to convert UCHAR to QString or what other solutions? Thanks in advance.

    I have changed code to:

    apItem->setText(0, QString((uchar)*pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.ucSSID))

    Now it displays only one letter from AP name. How to output full AP name?

  • Hi @Cobra91151,

    Have a look at qnativewifiengine.cpp line 152 for an example... it looks like:

    QString networkName;
    networkName = QByteArray(reinterpret_cast<char *>(network.dot11Ssid.ucSSID),

    This is, presumably, using the QString &QString::operator=(const QByteArray &ba) operator, which:

    Assigns ba to this string. The byte array is converted to Unicode using the fromUtf8() function. ...

    So, unless you care about the network.strProfileName check (see the qtbase code linked above for context), then you can probably just do something like:

    apItem->setText(0, QString::fromUtf8(reinterpret_cast<char *>(pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.ucSSID),


  • @Paul-Colby

    Now it's properly displays the AP. Thank you.

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