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How to set value to a variable in QtObject::connect

  • Hi i want set value to a variable in a connection
    this my code but don't work

    float size; 
    connect(GFS, SIGNAL (completed(float)), size = float);

    Is this possible?

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    yes, what you try to do can be done in QT, take a look at Lambda expressions in c++11 in here

    In the article you should find everything you need to make your code-example work :-)


  • But where is the "size" ?
    Is it a member of a class that is QObject? If yes- the fastest way is to use lambda
    like this

    // code somewhere inside a scope of the QObject instance
    connect(sender, &Sender::someFloatDataChanged, [=](float newData) {
      this->a = newData;

  • i do this before like this :

    connect(GFS, SIGNAL (completed(float)), this, SLOT (setSize(float)));

    completed signal have value & slot setSize get this value but i want set this value to a variable

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    @BePie more or less showed you how exactly to do it.

    But here again:

    First your variable to store/hold the data must either be declared in your header or in the function where you make the QObject::connect();

    float mySize; 

    than adjust your connect statement, first part - Pointer to Object and Signal - stays the same as always.

    connect(GFS, &myGfsClass::completed,

    than comes the lambda fuction in {}-brackets + correct syntax for your variable, the float from the completed SIGNAL.

    [=](float value){mySize =value;});

    and done.

  • so w/o explicit slot creation you can write:

    connect(GFS, &GFS_T::completed, [=](float newData){setSize(newData);}));

    where GFS_T is a type of GFS
    or paste code from setSize() to the body of the lambda

  • @BePie thank you but GFS is type of a class

    FileSize *GFS;

  • so you write

    connect(GFS, &FileSize::completed, [=](float newData){setSize(newData);}));

    so &FileSize::completed is a reference to signal-function of type (class) FileSize
    the last argument is a lambda with copy ([=]) scope that takes one float (must match FileSize::completed arguments) and invokes setSize (implicitely of "this" pointer that is copied ([=])) with passed argument from signal.
    I am not sure that I am 100% correct, I am not a pro lambda user. For more info check out some lambda tutorials.

    but FileSize has to inherit from QObject (otherwise signal-slots won't magically work :P)

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