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Qt Multimedia possibility of audio CD / DVD video playback

  • Hello,

    I am in the process of creating a media player application which requires the ability to playback audio CDs and DVDs. My idea is to use Qt Multimedia to accomplish this, but I am unsure how / if it is possible. Is it possible to playback a CD or DVD using Qt Multimedia? If so, could someone please share some example code?

    Other info:

    • Using QML and C++
    • Currently testing on Windows, however end system will be GNU/Linux

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    If end system is linux, i would develop there as the
    Qt Multimedia uses the platform backend and its very different from
    win to linux. ( Windows 10 didnt come with a way to play DVD..)

    That said, for a true mediaplayer, using
    Might provide more features and overall better support for codecs.
    It is from the well known VLC player.

  • I would like to try out vlc-qt, but I cannot figure out how to correctly add the libraries to my application. I downloaded the Windows MinGW32 binaries from here, and tried to include "libVLCQtCored.dll.a" from the lib folder. After including the libraries in the .pro file, I was able to use them in my main.cpp file however when I build and run I got the error "cannot find -llibVLCQtCored.dlld". Then, I tried adding the libraries without the "d" suffix for debug, and now my application builds with no errors and crashes upon run. Any hints as to what I need to do to get this working?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Undefinedmaniac On Windows you need to link against *.lib file not *.dll. Also it should be like this:


    Without lib prefix and file extension.
    How do you start your app when it crashes? Do you start it from QtCreator?

  • I started my application from Qt Creator by doing a rebuild and then running it. Are the library files the ".dll.a" ones? I didn't see anywhere that I could get ".lib" files. I read that ".a" files are static libraries, but when I tried linking them as static I got the error "mingw32-make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'C:/Users/itmcdonough0522/Dropbox/Qt Quick C++/carGUI/../../../../../Qt/vlc-qt/lib/liblibVLCQtCored.dll.a', needed by 'debug\carGUI.exe'. Stop."

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Undefinedmaniac You're still doing it like this: -llibVLCQtCored.dlld , right?
    I said before that you need to remove lib prefix and file extension:


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